Bucket bags

  • admin
  • December 5, 2012 1:33 am

Bucket bags are, you guessed it, shaped like a bucket. Because of the odd shape, however, you are guaranteed maximum space, as these types of bags are large and roomy, as well as extremely hard wearing. Typically, a bucket bag has an open top and lengthy shoulder strap and is ideal for when out and about. Because of its size, it is mainly used by people for shopping trips, as it is big enough to be able to carry all essentials, such as a purse, mobile phone, keys, make-up and such like, but it still manages to be trendy and look the part. These bags come in all sorts of styles and colours and some are made of leather which also tend to look extremely glamorous. Put simply, the bucket bag has a chic feel and appearance; but it is also convenient with the amount of space it has available.

Bucket bags are bang on trend at the moment and drawstring bucket bags, in particular, are proving a big hit. Available in all different styles and tastes, there is most definitely a bucket bag to suit everyone. There are more expensive options that come bearing the names of designers and there are also high street options that may prove more affordable for people on a budget.


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