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  • December 5, 2012 1:32 am

Nine times out of ten, briefcases are bought by business people or by people who attend a lot of meetings and have a mass of paperwork to deal with on a regular basis. A briefcase can also say a lot about a person, so, if you go for a job interview that briefcase you are carrying might just clinch the outcome in your favour, because, according to many employers, a briefcase gives the impression of organisation and commitment.

Most briefcases are handy to have if you need to keep paperwork and materials organised. Some briefcases also have a compartment for laptops and tablets so that if you need to check emails and such like, this can be done with relative ease and you need not carry a separate laptop case. Most briefcases also tend to come with a phone case, pen holders, and pockets for files, and there will also be a sturdy handle to carry the bag with, as well as a laptop strap.

There are many briefcase options to choose from and many come in different sizes and styles to suit differing personalities.

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