Bags for men

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  • December 7, 2012 2:20 pm


Here we will concentrate on the five types of men’s bags which are probably the most popular, because of their versatility as well as their looks. There are many more if you want to delve further into the subject – back-packs, holdalls, duffle bags, barrel bags, satchels and shopper bags to name but a few.

We have mentioned the briefcase, and this remains the most familiar of all men’s bags, although these days with a much more modern appearance. In its new, classic form, the briefcase will now have a durable handle and shoulder strap, while there is a place for a notebook inside, as well as other practical pockets. They are still perfect for business.

The messenger bag is so named because it has always been traditionally used by messengers and couriers. Usually such a bag is made from light leather or some kind of material, and, again, a shoulder strap is an essential item. Students like them because they are usually associated with a classic, yet sophisticated, laid-back style for everyday use, while at the same time providing an eminently practical way of transporting books and notebooks from place to place.

Men who are regularly called upon to spend a few days away on business trips find a weekend bag absolutely essential. In the past such an item may well have been large, clumsy, uncomfortable, and extremely difficult to manage, but now these monsters have been replaced by tailor-made bags of a much more elegant appearance, which have, nevertheless, retained an admirable practicality.

There are smaller versions of messenger bags, which used to be ideal for carrying big cameras, or video cameras. Nowadays the over-the-shoulder variety will contain almost anything you can name of the kind of things that you need every day – cell phone, diary, pen, keys, maps, tissues, wallet, the list is endless. No need to fill your pockets to overflowing, just pop what you need in your bag, and off you go. They are perfect for trips into the city or for a holiday sight-seeing venture.

In the past computer bags were not particularly nice in appearance and very often the material was not all that it might have been, but there is a big difference today. Proper handles and a shoulder strap have been added, the quality is so much better overall, and they have been transformed from being a purely practical accessory into something far more desirable. For business or everyday use they are a must for the modern man.

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